What is crypto currency? When was bitcoin discovered? All about crypto currency


You might have heard the name of your cryptocurrency, why not, it is the best currency of today.But do you know how crypto came into existence? Today we are just talking about it, but as we grow older, we have come to know how money came into existence.The money we use is controlled by the government but we have created a currency which is under our control and hence cryptocurrency was born. Cryptocurrency is decentralized i.e. the government has no control over it. Let us now know more about crypto.

What is crypto?

Crypto currency is a digital currency which is decentralised. Decentralized means that its control does not pass to any company or government, its control is to us.Just as we keep paper currency in our wallet, there are two wallets for crypto which we call crypto wallet.These wallets are based on cloud stores which are available from the internet. You can keep it in the local storage of your mobile or computer but be careful that it does not get deleted.Because there are many such cases who have lost their crores of rupees of bitcoin. We will look at the main crypto currency Bitcoin how we discovered it.

Discovery of bitcoin

The search for Cryptocurrency has not yet started, it has been going on for a long time. This has been going on for 33 years The concept of crypto currency came into existence in 1991 or bitcoin came into existence in 2009.Bitcoin was discovered by Satoshi Nakamoto Four years later, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the world's first bitcoin.After that Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from the world and no one knew who became the person we know today as Satoshi Nakamoto. He told us that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto.I am telling you some interesting facts about bitcoin. When we started using bitcoin as a currency then a human being bought pizza with bitcoin. He bought 2 pizzas with 10000 bitcoins, this pizza is the most expansive pizza till today

How to earn money from Cryptocurrency

So far we have seen what cryptocurrency is, now we know how we can earn money from crypto.Well, there are many ways to earn from crypto but I will tell you 3 ways by which you can earn a lot of money from crypto.

Cloud mining:- way to crypto mining mainly many servers are installed but you can do crypto mining with the help of cloud storage on internet.You can mine and sell crypto currencies through internet or cloud storage.

Buy and hold:- People are buying crypto at low prices. Hold them till their value increases.When their value increases, profit is earned by selling them.

Day trading:- when you buy crypto and sell it on the same day. Although your profit margin is higher but the risk is higher.This is all about cryptocurrency.

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                               Writer:- Tarun Sinhmar


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