Tips or tricks to stay healthy by Ritu Jaglan


Hello friends, today we will know the tips to stay healthy. It is very important to stay healthy in today's busy life. That is why it is important that we take care of our health. Staying healthy is very important for us if we are healthy then we can overcome any difficulty.

1.It is most important that we do yoga early in the morning.


Does yoga reduce stress or does our skin remain glowing? Yoga works like a medicine, it cures all diseases. By doing Paranayam together we remain healthy internally. There are 72000 energy channels inside our body which get activated by doing Paranayam. Doing yoga also brings flexibility in our body. By doing yoga, the ability to work also improves. Due to this our thoughts also become positive.

2. Along with doing yoga, we should also keep attention to our food. 

We should eat healthy food only.This includes green vegetables or fruits and eating them makes our skin glowing. And this has made us beautiful. Those vegetables are very important for us which contain vitamins in large quantities.  To stay healthy it is necessary that we eat as much vegetables as possible. Along with this we drank 3 liters of water every day. Water keeps our body hydrated.

3.To stay healthy, we should include exercise in our daily routine.

Along with this, we also do meditation for 10-15 minutes, this keeps the mind calm and the ability to focus also increases. This keeps our mind calm. In a busy lifestyle, entertainment is also necessary for the body, hence our body again starts feeling restless. Along with this, one should also do some creative work which increases the creativity of the mind. And if we are healthy then we can do everything easily. That's why health is the most important in our daily life.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy 

 Write:- Ritu Jaglan 

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