Artificial Intelligence scams and tips and tricks to prevents this scams .

 Hello friends, in today's blog we will discuss about the scams done by Artificial Intelligence, if any of your family members calls you or asks for money, you will give them money. Scammers take advantage of this or you become a victim of their scam. As much as artificial intelligence is helpful to us, it is also a danger because it has fallen into the hands of very few people. Who use it to cheat and make money with people. Today we learned about these scams. 

1. audio scams

2.  Scams from beautiful girl

3. Tips and Tricks to Avoid Scams

1. audio scams

In this scam the main scammer is recording your and your friend's voice. Then they call you or your friends or ask for money or your personal information. Audio scams are increasing a lot today. How strong has Artificial Intelligence become? 

America's 15 year old girl Jennifer received a call from her mother in the form of a human being and her voice was "Mother, save me." After that a second voice came in the form of a human being asking for a ransom of 10 million USD. 10 million USD means 8 crore rupees. And both these voices were fake voices created by artificial intelligence. With Artificial Intelligence you can convert any text into anyone's voice, for this you just need a sample of that voice.

2. Scams from beautiful girl

In this scam, you get a video call, you pick up the call and there is a beautiful girl in front of you, in such a situation, who would not want to talk. Then this call ends at that place when you start feeling that you have started connecting with the person in front. Then the real face of the scammer is revealed and then you get a call by calling someone in the person of the scammer. He will tell you that if you do not give him money then he will put your dirty video on the internet.

3. Tips and Tricks to Avoid Scams

We have seen about two big frauds caused by artificial intelligence, now we know the ways to avoid them. 

     1. First of all we have to do 2 things, if you get such a call and ask for money, then first                         disconnect  the call. Then call your friend or family member whose name was taken on                     that call so that you can find out whether it was he or she who was calling or not.

      2.  Do not share your or your family members' private information on any social media.

       3.  Do not make any transaction on any unknown number or link. 

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